Pirlo praised Italy to the media ibcbet to fight to get three points, Andrea Pirlo hosts the Italian national team praised tell ibcbet to the young players of the team and teammates that are mentally strong to win three. scores were not in the game debut with the team at the British Armed Forces, 35 years ibcbet interview that showcases incredible throughout the game. And almost scored a free-kick into the goal by the end of the game. By the play of Andrea Pirlo has been praised a lot of fans, "I have been the lead of the series to fight it," Andrea Pirlo revealed, "We have come to the weather. a difficult But also beat England We are one mind, "he said with ibcbet continued," We know that they have the potential too. But playing in a place like this, it's not easy at all. I believe that Brazil is not easy, "" us all. People struggle with the difficulty comes together. I'm really, really, "" Verratti and I understand each other very well. We achieved our target I am glad to see  a good play as a team like this, "" The most important thing is we have three full points "Andrea Pirlo's team ibcbet" I hope we'll continue to form a save. long time, "Andrea Pirlo played the Italian national team in the World Championship in Germany, with over 8 years ago, and he was the mastermind game ibcbet of the Italian team, this is truly a news ibcbet agree, although the team. 

ibcbet watch Mourinho praised Rooney, who served even plays left Jose Mourinho as manager of Chelsea comment from Wayne Rooney Striker team to the media elite ibcbet in. the latest games with the Italian national team that was playing very well. Although it is not a left-wing position afforded good at, given the ibcbet aware of that. "Roaring lion" English To defeat the team of Italy in the opening game will now be in a difficult situation for the next round Rooney. Have to play out of position along the path on the left instead of playing in familiar territory, but Jose Mourinho praised for ibcbet striker of Manchester United, works very well, though not for routine, but it can afford. a friend shot the ball very well, "he's a very selfless. It's not even that good of him. However, it is the perfect fit in this game, everyone should appreciate that "Jose Mourinho told ibcbet openly" When you lose people like a goat to blame. But I will tell you Rooney is a great player in this game. So no reasons at all to say that he is the weakest of the "" Do not forget that the Italian national team. Great and very much "," England striker wanted to take the three tactical. But in reality, none of the three will be in the striker position simultaneously. 

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